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5 Best Watches for Women in 2020 | Top Reviewed Wrist Watches

By Colette Murphy

May 6, 2020




​Key Points


​Michael Kors MK3477

​3 ounces

​2 Year International Warranty

Fossil Women's Riley Stainless Steel

​4.11 ounces

​Multifunction watch with stopwatch functionality​ with ​3 separate dials

​Michael Kors Women's Parker Gold-Tone

​4.2 ounces

​Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft)

Michael Kors Bradshaw

​5.8 ounces

43mm case, 20mm band width, mineral crystal, Quartz movement with analog display​

Nine West Women's NW/2122RGWT

​1 ounce

​The unique minimalist floral design looks elegant and original

Individual Reviews

1. Best ​​​Watch for ​Women- Michael Kors MK3477 - Mini Slim Runway ()


​Build Quality (80%)
​Style (80%)
​Comfort (90%)
​Durability (70%)

Why We Chose This Product:

The MK3477 is one of those watches that looks much more expensive than it really is. This is by no means a cheap watch but it is not nearly as expensive as it would appear at first glance. The materials that have been used have been chosen carefully, maximizing the build quality of the watch without driving up its price.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what a watch is made from if it isn’t comfortable to wear on your wrist. Thanks to its small profile and elegant design, the MK3477 sits unobtrusively on your wrist. This is the kind of watch that you can wear all day without noticing.

Like any Michael Kors watch, this is a piece that is built to withstand the usual daily rigors that your watch goes through. However, if you are looking for a watch that is going to serve you well for a number of years, you might want to go for something a little more premium.


  • Materials: Stainless steel (case, band, bezel)
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Water resistance: 165 feet
  • 2- year international warranty


  • ​Has the appearance of a much more expensive watch
  • ​It has a small and elegant profile
  • ​The band can be adjusted at any jewelers
  • ​Very comfortable fit


  • ​It will stand up to most knocks and scrapes, but in the long-term, its durability could be better
  • The watch feels very lightweight and flimsy
  • The warranty only covers the internal components

​2. Best ​​​Watch for ​Women- Fossil Women's Riley Stainless Steel Multifunction Glitz Quartz Watch ()


​Build Quality (80%)
​Style (​70%)
​Comfort (​70%)
​Durability (80%)

Why We Chose This Product:

If you are the kind of person who values the ability to personalize their accessories then this is the watch for you. Fossil is one of the better businesses when it comes to providing customization options to its users and this watch is no exception. The band has been designed so that it is quick and easy to change without any tools. There is also a wide range of potential bands for you to choose from with options to suit every occasion. That means that you can easily use this watch for different occasions by simply switching the band.

Fossil is also known for attention to detail and quality components. The use of stainless steel throughout this watch’s design might not be very inspired. But as is always the case with Fossil products, every component of this big and heavy woman’s watch feels solid and worthy of the Fossil brand.

The watch face is much bigger than most women’s watches. But when it looks this good, who cares? Another thing we really like about the visual design of this watch is the inclusion of a luminous-tipped second-hand. This is a feature that you don’t see as much anymore but it’s one we really like.


  • Materials: Stainless steel (case, band, bezel)
  • Weight: 4.11 ounces
  • Water resistance: 330 ft (10ATM)


  • ​Excellent water resistance
  • ​The band is easy to change and there are lots of options for you to choose from.
  • ​High-quality materials have been used throughout
  • ​The watch face is beautiful
  • Luminous second hand
  • Multiple functions available
  • Feels nice and heavy, like a quality watch should


  • ​Big for a woman’s watch
  • ​The numbers are a bit small for some people
  • ​It’s very heavy
  • Not suitable for scuba diving
  • The rose-gold color can wear off

​​3. Third Best ​​​Watch for ​Women- Michael Kors Women's Parker Gold-Tone Watch ()


​Build Quality (​90%)
​Style (​70%)
​Comfort (​60%)
​Durability (90%)

Why We Chose This Product:

If you are in the market for a watch that stands out then this is an option well worth considering. The Parker Gold-Tone Watch is available in a wide range of two-tone color schemes. Each of the available options gives the watch a completely different personality but they are all just as striking aesthetically. Regardless of the color scheme that you opt for, you will be getting an incredibly sturdy watch.

Michael Kors has managed to carve out it outs own unique slice of the woman’s watch market by offering women watches that deliver the size and design ethos of a men’s watch in pieces that are carefully crafted for the women’s market. The Parker is one of the most ‘manly’ of the women’s watches that Michael Kors offer, but it is a fantastic piece for women who prefer a larger watch and who need something that is physically more resilient than most smaller women’s watches.


  • Materials: Stainless steel (case, band, bezel)
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Water resistance: 330 ft
  • Quartz movement
  • Resin band


  • ​Available in a range of attractive color schemes
  • ​Water-resistance makes it suitable for everything other than diving
  • ​Sturdy and resilient build ensures this watch will last a long time


  • ​Not very comfortable for the premium price point
  • ​Then stones often fall out very quickly
  • ​Customer service not great
  • ​The rose-gold rubs off

​​​4. ​Forth Best ​​​Watch for ​Women- Michael Kors Bradshaw Stainless Steel 43MM Chronograph Watch ()


​Build Quality (​90%)
​Style (​​80%)
​Comfort (​​90%)
​Durability (90%)

Why We Chose This Product:

Michael Kors premium unisex option has proven to be a big hit despite its high price point. The watch is available in a number of different colors. Every design that we have seen is bold and vibrant. It is nice to see a watch manufacturer like Michael Kors taking a chance with less subtle and more attention-grabbing color options, not everyone is looking for something subtle and subdued.

The Bradshaw feels like a solid premium product and the build quality is top-of-the-line. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t feel like a premium watch when it is on your wrist. For this price, you would expect a manufacturer like Michael Kors to be offering something more comfortable to wear throughout the day.


  • Materials:  Stainless steel (case, band, bezel)
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Water resistance: 330 feet


  • ​Bold and vibrant color options
  • ​Unisex design
  • ​The band can be resized by a jeweler if it doesn’t fit


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Relatively delicate for a watch of its size and price
  • ​Looks big on smaller wrists
  • ​Then gold wears off

​​​​5. ​F​ifth Best ​​​Watch for ​Women- ​Nine West Women's NW/2122RGWT ()


​Build Quality (​​50%)
​Style (​​80%)
​Comfort (​​9​5%)
​Durability (​50%)

Why We Chose This Product:

This is a really beautiful little watch and is a great choice for anyone on a budget. This isn’t the kind of watch that is going to be with you for decades, and that is reflected in its sub-$30 price point. However, if you are looking for an attractive accessory to go with an existing outfit or you just need a watch that will see you through the immediate future, here is the ideal watch for you. Don’t think that just because this watch is cheap it is not attractive or well-designed. What this watch lacks in expensive materials it more than makes up for with its unique profile and minimalist face design. We have seen much more expensive watches than this that don’t look nearly as good.

The best part about this watch is that it is super lightweight and therefore one of the most comfortable watches we’ve ever worn. Just remember to take it off before you jump in the water. For all its advantages, this watch lacks any kind of water resistance, unfortunately.


  • Materials: Metal (case, bezel), plastic (band)
  • Weight: 1 ounce
  • Water resistance: None


  • ​The unique minimalist floral design looks elegant and original
  • ​Lightweight and comfortable
  • ​Easily affordable


  • ​Low-quality materials
  • ​The watch isn’t built to last
  • ​No water resistance
  • ​Battery doesn’t last long after purchase

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Is it worth buying watch?

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