January 22


How To Be Strong And Independent

By Colette Murphy

January 22, 2018

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We are all born equal, but the world is treating us differently. To be strong and independent means being true to yourself. It means being a better friend than you would like to have, a true partner. It means making connections with people like they are a part of your family. It also means saving yourself because no one should have to have a burden of saving someone. You are responsible for your mood, career, finance, happiness.

Strong-and-independentBeing strong means having an opinion and arguments that go with it. It means knowledge. Being a strong woman means putting yourself on the same line with others, not above or under them. Treat people the same no matter of their sex, age or career position. You should only make a difference between those who are generally and personally good or bad.

Being a strong and independent woman is somewhat like having a soul of a child. When they are uncorrupted, children don’t make a difference on the playground between them. Girls will play with boys and girls, and boys will play with all.

Independent-womanYou should know the world you are living in. Learn the history of class divisions, of feminism, and other social movements. But don’t choose to live by them. You are equipped to learn and do any job an activity regardless if the world classifies it as a women’s or a man’s thing. Nurture your interests, passions… Have a voice, an opinion, defend the people and the beliefs you stand for. Don’t let anyone tell you how to act, talk, work, or think. Find your truth. You are not a one-dimensional person. You are not defined by the size of your breasts or what you have between your legs.

Be a strong and independent person. Keep challenging yourself. Be your role model and hero. Be ambitious. Learn how to say no to things, people, words, and society. Help others and don’t be selfish but guard your essence against others who wont to change it or tare it apart. Everyone has strength and potential. Use yours.


Colette Murphy

About the author

Hi, my name is Collette, I was born, raised in New York where i still currently live. I am currently in my mid thirties and after changed career multiple times and struggling to find a passion I decided to leave the career based live behind and start an online community for like minded people. This community is a safe place for women and like minded men who want to steer clear of misogyny, sexism, degrading comments and racism. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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