July 26


Why Staying and Looking Healthy is Important for the Modern Woman

By Colette Murphy

July 26, 2018

To be healthy and look the part is something that is important for just about everyone to be honest, but it is particularly important for the modern, strong and independent women of today. This doesn’t mean they will have to conform to the age-old standards of beauty by any means, though. Nevertheless, when you are trying to inspire multiple generations of women from all across the world to rise up and above their limitations, you need to appear strong, healthy, and determined to act as examples and role models. On that note, here are a few pointers on how health and looks impact the lives of modern, independent women in society.

Inspiring Others

Determination, cause, and achievement are more important attributes than one’s appearance, but someone who has managed all that and looks strong and healthy at the same time will invariably be a better role model. As strength and confidence mostly originates from a healthy body, it is important for modern women to take care of their health so that they can inspire others to be just as strong and successful. The mind can only do so much, if the body keeps failing it.

Beauty Comes in Many Forms

As women have started to break out of the gender stereotypes, the realisation that there are various forms of feminine beauty, is slowly hitting the world. Women don’t necessarily need to go to beauty salons anymore to conform to the social standards of “beauty,” but they should also be able to do so, if they choose to. Beauty comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, but the most important factor here is the freedom to choose.

Strength and Beauty Stems from Health

If a woman has a strong body and mind, it will be reflected in her appearance, and to achieve that, taking care of her health is of the utmost importance. Therefore, knowing, understanding, and maintaining the basics of a healthy lifestyle is necessary for the modern woman. For example, a lot of women don’t have any idea about the tremendous health benefits of something as simple as castor oil. It’s a one-stop, natural solution for keeping the skin, hair, and joints healthy. Similarly, running on the treadmill and taking aerobics and yoga classes are not the only options that a woman has in terms of exercise. Strength training has been found to be extremely beneficial to women as well, since it improves bone health and muscle mass. The point here is that in order to break out of the gender stereotypes and make a new path on their own, women need to lead a healthier and more informed lifestyle as well.

At a time when the society is changing and new standards are being made from the ground up, strong, healthy women are required to not only act as ambassadors and role models for others to look up to, but also for joining the cause and helping the movement catch more speed. Women used to be and still are associated with weakness in many sections of the society, so it’s time to change that point of view by becoming stronger.

Colette Murphy

About the author

Hi, my name is Collette, I was born, raised in New York where i still currently live. I am currently in my mid thirties and after changed career multiple times and struggling to find a passion I decided to leave the career based live behind and start an online community for like minded people. This community is a safe place for women and like minded men who want to steer clear of misogyny, sexism, degrading comments and racism. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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