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Best Mole Removal Cream

By Colette Murphy

September 11, 2020

Do you have one or more moles that bother you and you would like to have them removed? Has one suddenly popped up and you’re feeling unhappy about its location on your body or its size? Perhaps they are in a spot where they are uncomfortable, as they rub against your clothing, or maybe it has more to do with looks and you don’t like having such a visible mole.

The good news about moles is that they don’t have to be a permanent thing, and you can remove them if you want. While you can certainly go to the doctor to have it removed in the office, there is also a way you can go about removing a mole safely and effectively at home.

Mole and skin tag creams and serums have become quite mainstream in the past few years and give people a very simple solution. While there are a number of these products to choose from, it’s important you’re aware of the ingredients, reviews, and results that they guarantee in order to pick the best one out there.

Here we’ll highlight not only a popular mole removal cream, but one that many are calling the “best product out there”, which is Skincell Pro. We will examine what it does, how it works, and what kind of results you can expect from this type of mole removal solution.

My #1 recommendation is Skincell Pro

My mom & I tried them out

I tried it, I got my mom to try it and it worked well both times (it doesn't smell great). But there are so many useless products out there that waste your time. I finally found something that works.

What is a Mole Removal Cream or Serum?

Where it used to be that you would need to visit a doctor's office in order to have a mole or skin tag removed, science has come a long way, and now people have access to products they can use at home. Skincell Pro is meant to give people a discreet, simple, and effective way to get rid of a mole. It is made from natural ingredients, so there is nothing to be wary of and requires just a few drops to the mole.

The way this and other products in this realm work is to penetrate the actual root of the mole. From there Skincell Pro's ingredients are able to trigger white blood cells to rush to the area, which then starts the removal process and the healing that will follow.

As for the natural ingredients found in this particular product, they include zincum muriaticum, which is known for its disinfectant and antiseptic properties, and sanguinaria canadensis which has been used in ancient remedies for centuries now and is able to stimulate white blood cells.

What Can These Products Be Used On?

While it may just be a standard dark mole that you want to remove, the good news is that these products don't differentiate between "blemishes" if you will. They tend to work on dark moles, light moles, skin tags, big and small warts.

An example of a mole this treatment could work on.

What Makes This Type of Solution So Attractive?

So why are people reaching for these types of products instead of going to the doctor's office? Well, this is a discreet option; there is no need to go through your insurance company for a surgical procedure, there is obviously no surgery needed, and you don't have to wait to get in with your doctor. It’s all about the convenience factor.

What surgery would look like.

How Long Do Results Take to Show Up?

Of course, the big question people have about these types of products is how long the results take to show up. If you were to go to the doctor’s office to have a mole removed, obviously you get immediate results, so what can you expect with an at-home treatment.

While you’re not going to see immediate results, you can start to see results in as little as eight hours. The speed of the results typically depends on how big the mole is.

In terms of what to expect, immediately following the application of a mole removal cream, it's normal to see the area become slightly inflamed - this means the product is working. From there, you will start to see a scab form, but it's important you leave it alone. That scab will shed off, along with the mole, when it is ready.

Once the scab has fallen off, there will be no indication the mole ever existed there, as there is no scar or mark that is left behind.

A Simple At-Home Solution to Moles

So if you’re feeling bothered by a mole on your body, there’s no need to accept it and learn to live with it, as these mole removal creams are quite simple and fast to use and can provide you with the results you want at-home.

My mom & I tried them out

I tried it, I got my mom to try it and it worked well both times (it doesn't smell great). But there are so many useless products out there that waste your time. I finally found something that works.

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