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How to Find Out If Your Husband Is Cheating on you

By Colette Murphy

June 24, 2020

Discovering that your trusted partner has been cheating on you is painful, but wouldn’t you rather know that be in the dark? When you know about the affair, you can make a conscious decision to either end the relationship or patch things up.

Finding out that your husband is cheating on you, however, is not always straightforward. You don’t always find evidence of the affair and may have to take extra steps to confirm your suspicions. Fortunately, these five steps will help you do just that in no time.

1. The Lingering Smell

The next time your husband comes home from work or a business trip, smell him and smell his clothes. Can you smell unfamiliar scents? Are there aromas that you are unfamiliar with? Scents, usually from perfumes or room (or car) fresheners, are among the first things to check if you suspect that your husband is cheating on you.

If you cannot smell your husband directly, go for his shirt. Perfumes don’t wear off that quickly. You may detect afternotes, depending on how long ago the perfume was applied. You may still be able to detect hints of those notes many hours after.

2. Intimate Messages

Another way you can find proof of an affair is by reading his text messages. Once again, this can be tricky to do, especially if you don’t normally check your husband’s phone. You have to be discrete about reading his messages since your husband may not like you doing that. The payoff is well worth the extra effort, though.

Messages can be as clear as day. You may not find the full conversation, but you may still find sent messages or saved photos that haven’t been deleted. Don’t trust messages from seemingly male names to – pay more attention to the content of the messages.

3. Seek the Truth

We’re talking about doing a background check and finding out if your husband has been in a relationship after all. Truth Finder is a service that lets you do a lot of things with just a name, a city, and a state. You can, for example, search for public records regarding a person. This means you can find details that lead to you finding out that your husband has been cheating.

Here’s a good example. You may discover parking tickets in areas that your husband claims to never visit. These tickets are initial proof that there may be something shady going on with your life partner.

4. Turn to Tinder

Dating sites, in particular, are how people meet others and find dates these days. No one has the time to meet offline anymore. If your husband is having an affair, there is a big chance that he met that person online. Thankfully, you can check if that is the case rather easily. Simply search for your husband’s profile on dating sites and apps.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to find him using his full name. On apps like Tinder, you also have to rely on location data and timing. Nevertheless, seeing your husband’s profile on Tinder is a sign that you have to do some more investigating.

If you don’t want to create your own profile, ask a single friend to search on your behalf.

5. Unusual Things

Last but certainly not least, pay attention to anything that feels ‘wrong’. If you notice that your husband’s wallet is new and you don’t know about the purchase, you may want to ask a question about it. The same is true with jewelry like watches and personal items that your husband suddenly carries all the time.

Gifts from the person he is cheating with are unconsciously seen as more important, so don’t be surprised to learn that your husband carry gifts from other women more frequently than he does gifts you gave him. It’s just human nature.

The Follow Up

These are some of the ways you can learn if your husband has been cheating on you. You can smell him and his clothes for unusual scents. You can learn about an affair from the romantic text messages on his phone. Doing a background check on Truth Finder really helps too.

Dating site profiles are signs to look out for, plus you may notice unusual items that he suddenly carries or wears. When you do discover these signs, however, don’t jump to conclusions.

The best thing to do is invest a bit more time and energy into confirming that an affair happened or is going on. That’s when you can decide whether to confront your husband or resolve the issue in another way.

Colette Murphy

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