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Best Hybrid Mattresses

By Colette Murphy

November 26, 2021

Every mattress commercial we see reminds us that we spend almost a third of our lives in sleep. Under ideal conditions, that would be nice. But many of us struggle with finding the right mattress, and that means we’re spending a lot less than 8 hours a night in actual sleep.

When we set out to find a new mattress, we have a lot of options. The two traditional options have been innerspring and foam. In the last few years, however, we have had the option of hybrid mattresses. Hybrids combine the support of foam with the give and bounce of spring coils.

We reviewed eight mattresses, below. We ended up finding different things to like about all eight. So each one got “Best” in a given category. Because we recommend all of them, read each review to find the one that’s best for you. After the reviews we included an FAQ for anything you didn’t find in the reviews.

The Top 3 Hybrid Mattresses

Top Pick
Cocoon Chill Hybrid
Cocoon Chill Hybrid

Best for:

  • Buyers looking to reduce pressure points
  • Those who want a targeted approach to comfort and transfer-less motion
  • Sleepers who want a mattress that keeps them cool and works to dissipate the heat
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#No 2 Pick
Nolah Evolution 15
Nolah Evolution 15

Best for:

  • Side sleepers, back sleepers, and combo sleepers
  • People who get too hot in bed
  • Buyers looking for a luxury mattress
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#No 3 Pick
GhostBed Flex Mattress
GhostBed Flex Mattress

Best for:

  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers are all catered for here
  • Those who want enough firmness that it avoids the “sinking into it” feeling
  • People who like supportive spring coils but want softer upper layers too
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The Hybrid Mattress Reviews Broken Down:

1. Cocoon Chill Hybrid: Best Cooling Mattress

The Cocoon mattresses are made by Sealy, a name that’s been around long enough to earn our trust. We’ve seen their mattresses at the top of the market for years, and for good reason. They have a track record of quality products.

We settled on their Chill Hybrid for its variety of benefits. Like its name implies, it has a cooling layer right on top. This draws in your body heat and disperses it throughout the mattress, leaving you feeling cool. But they don’t just say it cools; they have a specialty material that actually responds to different temperatures.

The cooling layer is made of Phase Change Material. When it senses your body reach a certain heat, it begins to absorb that energy. Then, when the room dips below a certain temperature, it sends that same energy back to your body.

That all means that you are keeping cool when you’re too hot, and warm when you’re too chilly. Leaving you at the optimum temperature for sleep.

Another feature that really sets this mattress apart from the others is the specific coil they use. It’s special enough, they’ve trademarked it. It’s called Active Support Technology®, and it has each spring wrapped individually in cloth. This system allows for targeted pressure point relief.


  • Trademarked coil system
  • Trusted brand
  • Economical price
  • Available in all sizes


  • Not as many luxury features as some other mattresses
  • Not a wide selection of types of mattress

The Cocoon Chill Hybrid is our pick for the best cooling mattress. It’s available in all the conventional sizes on their website, from Twin to California King. Their Queen size comes with sheets and two free pillows, all for $1099.

2. Nolah Evolution 15: Best Luxury Mattress

Sometimes, when you’re making a big purchase, you want to save up and go all out. For hybrid mattresses, the luxury meets the sheets with the Nolah Evolution 15. This mattress has all the extras that make for a truly indulgent sleeping experience.

Like all hybrids, it does have a foam layer and innersprings that offer comfort and support. Nolah’s innersprings, however, go the extra mile with three different ‘zones’ of spring. They’ve trademarked it as the “Patented HDMax™️ Tri-Zone™️ 8-inch Coil System.” It offers 25% more coils than other mattresses, and specific support for pressure point relief in the back area.

Speaking of layers, this luxury mattress is comprised of seven, with two layers of foam, a separate cooling layer, and a high-end mattress topper.

Usually a mattress topper costs extra, and some companies specialize in just this one piece. But Nolah has developed a quilted euro topper with cooling technology, all so advanced they’ve trademarked this layer, as well (Premium HTC™️ Cooling Quilted Euro Topper️).

The Nolah Evolution has been the recipient of a number of awards, including Best Mattress for Side Sleepers from the Sleep Foundation. Sleepopolis has named it the Most Comfortable Mattress of 2021. For you, this means that the people who really study sleeping have given this their seal of approval.


  • Multiple Trademarked features
  • Two foam layers
  • Mattress topper
  • The Website has a number of high-end bedding options


  • On the pricier side
  • Best for side-sleepers

All told, we didn’t find as many high-end features together in one mattress as we found with the Nolah Evolution. That’s why it’s our pick for Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress. It’s available on their website for $1599 for the Queen size, and is available in either the Luxury, Plush, or Firm styles. 

Verified Buyer Comments

Read all the customer comments at the bottom of this page.

3. GhostBed Flex Mattress: Best Firm Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are typically known for being a little less firm than all-foam mattresses. The GhostBed Flex manages to find the right balance between the bounce and firmness.

They’re able to achieve this by starting with their original GhostBed that has a firmness rating of 7.5 out of 10. That’s a very firm mattress. To soften it, they add the inner coils that make it a true hybrid. But because they’ve started with such a firm foam mattress, you still get a lot of the support you might miss in other hybrids.

The story behind the GhostBed company actually starts with ladders. Strange, but true. If you’ve ever seen a professional use a ladder, chances are it was a Werner. They are the most trusted and reliable ladders on the market, and one of their sons, Marc Werner, started GhostBed after having multiple surgeries, and not being able to find a good bed.

Marc Werner has applied a hundred years of manufacturing know-how and responsiveness to customer needs in the making of all of his mattresses. The GhostBed Flex benefits from the firmness of a foam mattress, with just enough bounce from the innersprings to make you feel comfortable.

Right off of their website, here’s a customer’s own words about the firmness and support: “The best part is, it’s firm, BUT not really. My hips and back sink in like it’s a pillow top, but the rest has support.” 

Another great thing about the GhostBeds, they come with a 25 year warranty. The industry standard is only 10. That means you get over double the life out of Ghostbed than with another mattress.


  • Family company with a long history of durable products
  • 25 year warranty
  • Firm support not seen in many other hybrids
  • Good for all sleepers


  • A tad on the expensive side
  • Can’t return for refund until 30-Day trial period is over

For a firm mattress that still gives the bounce of innerspring coils, we recommend the GhostBed Flex. Their Queen size is available on their website for $1544.

4. Layla Hybrid: Best Versatile Mattress

All of the mattresses we’ve seen so far come in one firmness. Even if you can purchase a different firmness, you’re still just getting the one. But the Layla Hybrid is the first mattress we saw that you can flip over for a different firmness.

Layla achieves this flippable adjustment by really making two mattresses in one. With the innersprings right in the middle, they build outward in both directions with an Airflow foam layer, a cooling gel layer. Then, each side has its own removable mattress cover.

The softer side, understandably thicker, has a firmness of only 4 out of 10, making it ideal for people who want a plush, pliant sleeping surface. The more firm side measures 7 out of 10, for people who want a nice rigid support underneath them.

The foam layer is also copper-infused, and copper is antimicrobial. This will help keep odors from lingering after long nights, and help you keep a more fresh set of bedclothes. Not to mention that the cover zips off for easy cleaning.

The Layla Hybrid gives you cooling, hybrid support and bounce, copper-infused foam, as well as the flippable options and the removable covers. That all makes for the Best Versatile mattress we reviewed.


  • Flippable for two levels of firmness
  • Removable covers
  • Cooling
  • Copper-infused foam


  • A bit pricey
  • Two-sided means it doesn’t have the multiple layers of some other mattresses

For such a multitude of features in one package, we chose the Layla as our Best Versatile Mattress. It’s available on their website for $1499.

5. DreamCloud: Best Risk-Free Mattress

By this point in the reviews, you’re probably not going to be too surprised by how DreamCloud makes their mattresses. They are a classic hybrid, with five layers from base, through innersprings, up to a soft, quilted foam cover. But unlike so many of the other mattresses we reviewed, DreamCloud has managed to make its mattress available for under a thousand dollars.

What really sets DreamCloud apart is their incredible warranty and trial figures. To start, their trial period goes well-beyond the industry standard 100 days, and gives you a full year to try your bed.

That’s important because you need to know how cool your mattress keeps you when your partner has the heater on all Winter, or when the heat outside is baking your home all Summer. It’s also important because you need to know how your mattress performs over differing sleep cycles, and some of us sleep differently throughout the year.

After your 365 day trial is over, you’re still covered by a lifetime guarantee. That’s correct, you, the original purchaser of the mattress are covered for life for any defect in materials or workmanship. DreamCloud is so confident in their product and its components, they’ll replace it if it ever lets you down. For free.

The DreamCloud offers all the same benefits of the other hybrids on the market. The firm and cooling support of multiple foam layers, plus the target pressure relief of wrapped innersprings. But DreamCloud offers two things that no other hybrid offers: a full year trial period; and a lifetime warranty.


  • 365 day trial
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Free Pillows, Mattress Protector, and Sheets
  • Free Shipping and Returns


  • Basic model lacks some luxury features
  • Requires a full 24 hours to be ready for sleep

Buying a mattress online can be risky for some people. And we’ve all heard horror stories about what constitutes the “trial period” for some products. DreamCloud makes our list for its straightforward, 365 day trial period and its Lifetime Warranty. It’s available on the website for $999 for the Queen size.

6. Helix Midnight: Best Variety of Beds

The Helix Mattress Company offers one of the widest selections of bed that we have ever seen. We used their Midnight for specs because it’s their most popular mattress, but what really impressed us with Helix was the wide variety of beds they have.

Helix offers 14 different mattresses. Not one, or two, or even five. But fourteen. Each one differs based on firmness (soft, medium, firm), what type of sleeper you are (side or back/belly), and your own size (from kids through to big and tall adults). 

That means if you’re a side sleeper who wants a soft mattress, you can go for the Helix Sunset. Are you a back sleeper who needs a firm mattress? Go for the Helix Dawn. Or do you want a mattress right in the middle and you sleep on your belly? Then the Helix Dusk is for you.

But that only covers their base models. They also offer Luxury options for their 6 basic models. Each of these Luxe options is ideal for people with a sleeping partner that you don’t want to disturb, because they come with two separate sets of innerspring coils.

The Luxe options also come with special coils for the lumbar region, a premium quilted pillow top for the mattress, and a breathable mattress cover.

Helix offers a flippable mattress for kids, so you don’t have to buy a new mattress as your child moves through comfort preferences, and a big and tall option for the taller or heavier people in the family.


  • Most options available
  • Ready to sleep on in under an hour after unrolling
  • Luxe version has separate innersprings for each sleeper
  • Kids mattresses are flippable
  • Big and Tall options


  • Luxe options are pricey
  • Finding the right mattress can be a bit confusing.

With all these options, we couldn’t leave Helix off of our list. They are our pick for the Mattress with the Best Options for customization. They range from $999 for the base models through $1749 for the Luxe models, all based on Queen size.

7. WinkBed: Best Soft Mattress

There are a lot of ways to describe softness: pillowy, bouncy, fluffy. All these words show up in the awards and customer reviews for the WinkBed hybrid mattress.

The WinkBed’s individually wrapped coils are optimized for air flow, and their mattress cover is a material called Tencel, a material made with eucalyptus for extra softness and feel. Their pillow cover is made with a foam they call “Hypersoft” that’s infused with gel. 

They also have a proprietary Lumbarlayer™ that gives extra foam around the area you need the support the most. They also have a technology in their pocket springs that limits disturbance from your partner. 

Softness is the byword for WinkBed, but they also boast being 100% Eco-Green. This means they use sustainable manufacturing practices, and their Tencel fabric is made with 10-20 times less water than other mattress fabrics.

Their reviews for the softest bed come from their “Luxury Firm” model, which has a firmness rating of 6.5. But if you want even fluffier, you can purchase their Soft model, rated at an incredibly low 4.5. For others looking for maximum support, they also offer models with firmness at 7.5 and 8.


  • Softest feel
  • Pillowy top made with gel foam
  • Cover made with eucalyptus
  • Available in an even softer model


  • Can take two weeks for delivery
  • Only the mattress is covered by the 120 night trial

For the pillowy softness of the mattress and the soothing eucalyptus cover, we included the WinkBed as our Best Soft mattress. The Queen size is available on their website for $1499...

8. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora: Best Factory-Direct Mattress

Buying anything online can be a tad worrisome. We read the reviews, we check the website, but we still don’t really know about the quality of the product until we get it in our homes. We picked the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora because we took a deep dive on the company and really trusted what we found out.

Brooklyn Bedding was started by two brothers who owned a furniture liquidation business. As they started literally cutting into the mattresses they sold, they became curious about how a quality mattress is made, and what it’s made of.

Fast forward over twenty years, and they’re now manufacturing not only all their own mattresses, but even making some private label mattresses on consignment. That means when you order one of their own mattresses, you’re getting the same quality you see in a luxury show-room at the factory direct price.

Brooklyn offers a full range of mattresses, from all-foam, two flippable, and in this case, their Hybrid Aurora mattress. They call their Aurora “advanced cooling technology in a luxury hybrid.”

Because they started out as in-person retailers, and built their company from the ground up, they never lost sight of how important it is to have brick-and-mortar locations for many of their customers. That’s why they have over thirty locations across the US for you to go and try out their mattresses and see their different styles and options.


  • Company built from the ground up
  • Luxury-level products
  • Cooling
  • Available in three firmness levels


  • Stores are not located in every state
  • Mattress toppers sold separately

Not many companies are as transparent about their manufacturing as Brooklyn Bedding, and it’s usually because they rely on out-of-country third parties. Brooklyn Bedding not only makes their own mattresses, but they’ve built their factory from the ground up, ensuring their products are made to their own exacting standards.

That’s why they’ve got our vote as Best Factory-Direct Mattress. Their Queen size hybrid is available on their website for $1311.75.


Because hybrids offer the best of both worlds, from the firmness of the foam in the spring coils, we recommend any of the above eight mattresses. But people’s sleep needs are as unique as the people themselves. That’s why we chose eight categories, and found the best mattress for each style. Whether it’s luxury, variety, or economy you’re looking for, we feel confident in all of the mattresses we reviewed.

Frequent Asked Questions

Do Hybrid Mattresses Need Box Springs?

Typically no, they do not. The mattresses we reviewed perform well with slats, board, traditional box spring, or even adjustable beds.

Do I Have to Rotate My Hybrid Mattress?

Manufacturers recommend rotating, but not flipping, your hybrid mattress. Because they are made with the springs intentionally on bottom, and the foam on top, you wouldn’t get the ideal sleep out of flipping a hybrid mattress. Exceptions occur, of course, such as the Laylay Hybrid we reviewed.

Do Hybrid Mattresses Last Long?

The industry standard for any mattress is for it to last ten years. Some mattresses we reviewed had considerably longer warranties, but these are limited to certain conditions. In general, a hybrid mattress will last as long as a comparable traditional mattress.

 Does It Really Matter if I’m a Side or Back Sleeper? 

Actually, it can matter quite a bit. The position of the spine, and where the weight of our body is distributed, changes dramatically when we are on our back versus on our sides. If you’re not sure if you sleep more on your side or back, try to keep track of what position you’re in when you wake up. That’s probably where you’re most comfortable when sleeping.

What if I Haven’t Made Up My Mind in the Trial Period? 

If you’re not loving your mattress, we suggest that means you really have made up your mind. Insithree months you should know if you’re having the best sleep you can get.

Haven't found what you're looking for? try our mattress in a box breakdown.

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