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Best Dating Sites for Women 2020

By Colette Murphy

December 19, 2019

​Our Review of the top dating sites for single women

​#1 dating site for women - eHarmony

eHarmony is another website that most of those in the online dating scene will already have heard of. eHarmony is infamous for its initial personality profile, and extensive document and questionnaire that each new member needs to fill in before they can start finding matches. However, this personality profile is actually one of eHarmony’s greatest strengths and is a big part of the reason that it is considered such a great choice for women, especially those who are minded to one day marry.

The platform is now regarded as one of the most respected and reliable names in the whole online dating space. Since it first opened its doors more than a decade ago, eHarmony has refined its matchmaking system and is now in control of one of the most advanced matchmaking algorithms the world has ever seen. It takes a bit more time to create a profile and fill in the questionnaire for eHarmony than it does with many of their competitors, but fear not this is time well spent and maximizes your chances of finding love.

eHarmony is one of the few online dating platforms that is consistently rated very highly amongst its female users. This is clearly a platform that has been built with women in mind.

​#​2 dating site for women - ​

One of the most common traps that online dating platforms fall into, one of which can completely derail their entire offering, is prioritizing quantity over quality. In other words, assuming that if there are a large number of users on the platform and a large number of interactions between them, everything must be going swimmingly. However, as anyone who has experience in using an online dating site can attest to, having lots and lots of users is not necessarily a good thing.

Most people want a smaller number of high-quality matches and a higher chance of making a lasting connection than they do a large database of users. EliteSingles gives it uses all of the tools that they need in order to navigate its extensive database with relative ease. Another unusual aspect of EliteSingles is that more than 90% of users on the website have a bachelor's degree or higher. Like other platforms, it offers both a free tier and a premium tier of service.

This website mostly appeals to well-educated professionals and this is the dominant demographic for both genders. If you are looking for a partner who you can connect with on this level, EliteSingles is an excellent place to start.

​#​​3 dating site for women - ​​ is one of the biggest and best-known names in the world of online dating, thanks in no small part to the stellar reputation that it has managed to accrue. The split of men and women at is very even, with a roughly 50/50 ratio between genders. The platform has proven particularly popular amongst women because it gives them a significant number of options with regards to customizing their matches.

Like many other online dating services, has embraced a premium model. This means that in order to message other users and see who has viewed your profile, you will need to register for a premium account. The number of women-specific features of the platform is a big part of why we think it is such a good choice for female daters.

If the measure of success of an online dating platform is the number of lasting relationships that it is responsible for, Match is definitely one of the market leaders. Yes, this is ultimately a business and a commercial endeavor. However, Match has clearly been made with its users in mind and it is all the better a platform for it. Few other dating services have been able to do easily couple style and function together.


With more than 40 million single members located around the world, spread over more than 80 different individual countries, Zoosk is one of the most global dating platforms on the internet. Members will be able to view other people's profiles, send likes and messages to one another, and use a variety of other tools and features to flirt with users who look like they might make a promising match. One of the reasons that Zoosk has found such a widespread appeal, is that it also facilitates good old-fashioned friendship, as well as dating and relationships.

The proprietary algorithms that are used to determine the suitability of matches are some of the most advanced out there, or so they claim. The Zoosk platform boasts that female users benefit particularly from the unique behavioral matchmaking techniques that are used, and which are more likely to recommend compatible men than other methods. A big part of why Zoosk is so popular is because of all the features it offers as well as dating tools, including tools for chatting, and just generally engaging with the other users.

The more you use the website, and the more you are willing to share about yourself, the more reliably Zoosk will be able to find you a match.


Since its launch a few years ago, Bumble has become the dating app for feminist-minded women. There are a lot of reasons why Bumble is different from the competition, and why it is regarded as such a welcoming environment for female users. For one thing, Bumble puts women in control. Men and women can express an interest in one another on Bumble, but it is the women that must initiate any conversations.

The female-focused approach has proven popular amongst many women who have had a nightmarish experience using other online dating apps. The prevalence of unsolicited intimate photos, cheesy or just downright pervy opening lines and the number of men who seem to have even fewer boundaries when they are interacting with women online have all played a part in making online dating difficult for women.

Fortunately, Bumble’s zero-tolerance policy when it comes to misogyny and bullying, in addition to a sleek and simple yet somehow powerful interface, make it something new and exciting, a place where women will feel comfortable and confident looking for love. If you have had some bad experiences with online dating in the past, this is a service worth checking out. Not only is the platform fantastic, but this also seems to be where the good men are.

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