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How much does eharmony cost?

By Colette Murphy

February 2, 2023

eHarmony pricing:

  • Free to sign up
  • $59.95 for a 1-month plan
  • $23.95 a month for a 3-month plan
  • $29.95 a month for a 6-month plan
  • $19.95 a month for a 12-month plan

eHarmony is a dating platform that is primarily designed to help users find serious matches. The company uses a compatibility matching system and sophisticated algorithms to narrow down the choice, making it easier for users to find someone that is right for them.

While eharmony is completely free to join, there are competitive subscription plans that you can consider, especially if you would like to boost your membership. If you are interested in signing up, here is what you need to know about eharmony’s costs.

Free Signup

Finding the right dating website can be difficult, so you will be happy to know that eharmony is free to join, meaning you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket. All you need is a little time to set up your profile to help you find matches. There is a compatibility test that you must complete first, which will take you between 35 and 45 minutes. Once you have completed the test, the platform will seek out suitable matches that you can check out.

Membership Costs

While many users join eharmony for the free membership, you will only have limited access to all the features the website provides. For those who are serious about finding true love and want to get more tailored matches, there are several membership options that you may want to consider. These are:

  • $59.95 for a 1-month plan
  • $39.95 a month for a 3-month plan
  • $29.95 a month for a 6-month plan
  • $19.95 a month for a 12-month plan

3 Day Free Trial

If you would like to try out all of eharmony’s features, but you are not ready to become a full-fledged member, there is the option to have a free trial membership. To do this, you will need to sign up and fill out your profile, before going on to picking a subscription plan and paying for it. If you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel your account and you will be refunded for the amount you paid.

Promotional Coupons & Codes

As well as the regular membership prices that eharmony offers, you may be able to take advantage of special offers and promotional codes on their website. Every couple of months, the company hosts ‘Free Communication Weekends’, which tend to revolve around the holidays. This special promotion usually runs between three and five days and gives users the chance to directly message their matches free of charge. Make sure that you monitor eharmony’s website, so you can find out when the next one will be.

The Ultimate Guarantee

If you opt for the Premier Plan, you will be given the ultimate guarantee, meaning that if you don’t have any luck and are unable to find your special match by the time your subscription runs out, your membership will be extended for free automatically for an extra 12 months.

Activation Details & Payment Options

There are several payment methods that you can use to pay for your eharmony subscription, such as using debit cards like Mastercard, Visa, and platforms like PayPal. Like most of the popular dating sites available, if you don’t switch off the automatic renewal, you will continue to be charged once your membership term finishes. If you have found your match or want to end your subscription early, don’t make the mistake of forgetting to switch off the subscription renewal.

Subscription Benefits

Unlike many dating platforms, there are no browsing or searching features on eharmony’s website. Instead, the website matches you with those who are highly compatible, giving you the opportunity to decide who you would like to communicate with. The matches that are chosen for you will be based on your profile settings and personality test. Another benefit of an eharmony subscription is that you will have access to special features like the ‘What If’ game, which provides you with an extra 30 matches to pick from.

When deciding on a dating platform to use, what sets eharmony apart from the rest is the reliable and proven compatibility matching system. The website is designed to encourage long-lasting and meaningful connections and relationships. If you are still unsure feel free to read about my experience with eHarmony here

Colette Murphy

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Hi, my name is Collette, I was born, raised in New York where i still currently live. I am currently in my mid thirties and after changed career multiple times and struggling to find a passion I decided to leave the career based live behind and start an online community for like minded people. This community is a safe place for women and like minded men who want to steer clear of misogyny, sexism, degrading comments and racism. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    • Hi Kirsten, you simply sign up. Then before 72 hours elapses you request a full refund, WARNING: This is only eligible for some states, so make sure you are in one of those states. Let me know how it goes.

  • I was told by eharmony they no longer offer a one month plan. :(. I think this is a poor move on their part. I don’t want to commit to three months.

  • Hi. I want to sign up for the 3 months but I’m confused about how it goes. Before I subscribe the fine print states that my card is going to get charged this large amount (over $400) once I subscribe. What happened to the $19.95 a month for 3 months $39 afterwards. When I click on the different dropboxes 1,2 3,4 the price still stays the same.

    • Hey Jasmin, that sounds wrong. I think you’re right, you’re not meant to pay $400 straight up. I think that is a mistake on their end. Can you please update me on what happened?

  • I want to subscribe but this is Sooo Exspensive. I was going to try the monthly rate but that’s like $60 a month. I have no idea why this site is Soo Exspensive, and how things are this is such a bad time to be charging so much. I really want to subscribe but paying $200-300 is just Took much money. Why is this so Exspensive.

    • Hey Niecy, if money is an issue then there are definitely more affordable options, but I think you get what you pay for. eHarmony are aware they have the best platform and success rates and for that reason they charge top dollar. I always recommend people to do what is best to do in their situation. It is totally up to you Niecy, but if you can afford it and finding a partner is important to you then i say 100% go for it.

  • When reading several pages about e-Harmony, one sentence states e-Harmony only allows text messages as a form of communication, which seems questionable. Is that accurate; whereby, your customers can not communicate and interact on the e-Harmony Website typing on a PC like Chrome Book?

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