October 12


Best Mattresses in Canada

By Colette Murphy

October 12, 2020

Top 3 mattresses for Canadians

Best Mattress in Canda
Ghostbed Luxe Mattress
Ghostbed Luxe Mattress

Recommended for:

  • Hot sleepers that often find themselves sweating in the night
  • Couples who are looking for a low motion transfer mattress
  • A mattress that will relieve your pressure points
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Best Mastress in Canada

Recommended For:

  • Heavier sleepers will love the medium/firm feel.
  • Every type of sleeper is catered for with this mattress.
  • The low price will appeal to thrifty shoppers
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Third place

Recommended For:

  • Lightweight to average weight sleepers
  • People who want a low bed, as the Juno isn’t too thick
  • Restless sleepers who change position a lot
  • Thrifty shoppers
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Individual Reviews for mattresses in Canada

1. Best Mattress for Canadians – Ghostbed Luxe Mattress

Main Highlights

  • Sleep cool technology ensures you stay cool all night long
  • Features 2" of foam to provide a full-body contour sensation
  • Features 3" of gel memory foam meant to provide proper support and ensure there are no pressure points
  • An equal balance of bounce and support, offering medium-plush firmness
  • Low motion transfer, making it perfect for couples

If you're used to over-heating while you sleep then the Ghostbed Luxe mattress could be the perfect solution. Dubbed as one of the "coolest beds in the world", this one uses its own patented sleep technology to ensure you not only sleep well, but stay cool all night long. Hot sleepers can finally enjoy a restful night’s sleep without tossing and turning, throwing off the blankets and just feeling uncomfortable all night.

It is the cooling quilted cover as well as the Ghost Ice technology that truly set this mattress apart from the others. It's actually cool to the touch, so you'll experience the sensation instantly.

For couples who often wake up thanks to motion transfer in the night, the Ghostbed Luxe mattress will also be an attractive option thanks to the low motion transfer. What this means is that you can change positions and not worry about disturbing your partner, and vice versa. The medium-plush firmness is meant to create a cloud-like feeling so that your body is contoured and cradled offering excellent support.

If you often find yourself waking up in pain along your pressure points,the Ghostbed Luxe mattress can also address this issue. Its memory foam is meant to alleviate any and all pressure points, which means you’ll wake up feeling fresh and renewed and, best of all, pain-free.

You can also take advantage of the 101-night sleep trial, which means you'll have plenty of time to decide if the mattress is right for you. Be sure to also take advantage of the free shipping and flexible payment options.

Recommended for:

  • Hot sleepers that often find themselves sweating in the night
  • Couples who are looking for a low motion transfer mattress
  • A medium-plush firmness mattress - not too soft and not too firm
  • A mattress that will relieve your pressure points

Not recommended for:

  • Those looking for an extremely firm or an extremely soft mattress
  • Those who are looking for the cheapest mattress out there



GhostBed Luxe

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Mattress Brands

Mattress Brands

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Sleep Trial

101 Nights

30 - 365 Nights

0 - 30 Nights

20+ Years in the Industry


Patent-Pending Cooling Tech

Free Shipping


Hassle-Free Returns

100% US-Based Support


Flexible Payment Options

Customer Reviews

I have done some research and screenshotted customer reviews for your convenience:

Bottom Line

No matter if you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, the Ghostbed Luxe Mattress can be a perfect option for couples and those who classify themselves as “hot sleepers” looking for some comfortable cooling relief.

Exclusive offer for our readers: 32% off everything: Use coupon code: GhostBed32

2. Best Value Mattress for Canadians – Douglas Mattress

Main Highlights

  • 15-year warranty
  • 120-night trial period
  • Choose from different levels of firmness
  • Motion isolation
  • Comfort layers offer pressure relief

The Douglas Mattress is designed to work closely with your spine to help ease any areas of tension, with the gel memory foam layers providing support for pressure points that are found in areas of your body like the neck, shoulders and lower back. ‘Elastex’ foam, in combination with the layers of gel memory foam, makes the mattress as firm and supportive as latex. This is great for side, back and stomach sleepers because the foam will match your sleeping position to form a firm and supportive foundation for your spine. Alongside the layers of gel memory foam and Elastex, there is a high-density polyfoam layer which enables the mattress to be a consistent and level surface for getting to sleep comfortably. Its combination of layers will, however, mean that the mattress is not as solid as other mattresses can be, and it will sink around its edges.

This is an excellent option for couples as it is a completely silent mattress, so you won’t be able to hear your partner getting into bed as their body weight hits the mattress like you would with other mattresses. Another important point to consider when buying a mattress is whether or not it can support the combined weight of you and your partner, but this is no problem with Douglas Mattress as it is suitable for normal and larger body types given its 6/10 firmness rating. 

It’s surprising that this mattress is available at a price that is lower than the market average, considering the number of features that it offers. Additionally, the Douglas Mattress comes with a 120-night trial in which you can return the mattress, and can be delivered to you free of charge. If you do decide that the mattress is right for you, there is a 15-year warranty as Douglas Mattress is convinced that you will not need to replace the mattress within this date. If you do, then their guarantee will sort you out!

Recommended for:

  • Couples will love the foam construction, as it absorbs movement and stops one restless partner disturbing the other
  • Heavier sleepers will love the medium/firm feel.
  • Every type of sleeper is catered for with this mattress.
  • The low price will appeal to thrifty shoppers

Not recommended for:

  • The soft edges won’t suit anyone who prefers strong support in this area
  • Memory foam doesn’t suit everyone

Bottom Line

This is a high-quality mattress with thick layers for extra comfort. You can pick the firmness level to suit your needs and the long trial period means the purchase is risk-free.

3. Best Luxury Canadian Mattress – Novosbed

Main Highlights

  • 15-year warranty
  • Motion isolation
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Different firmness levels available
  • Thick pressure-relieving comfort layers
When choosing a mattress, you will notice that there are different firmness ratings. To decide what level of firmness you will need in your next mattress, you need to consider the weight of the people using the bed, and what position these people will sleep in. This is why Novosbed offers different firmness options, from 3.5, 5, and 6.5, which caters for a range of different sleepers of varying weights and preferences for sleeping positions. The firmer mattress, 6.5, will be more suitable for heavier users, whilst the lighter model is sufficient for lighter individuals. 

With this pricier mattress comes two memory foam layers, which are incredibly effective at helping to support the spine and work through any high-pressure points in the body. You are more likely to have a better and deeper night’s sleep when your back is fully rested and eased from any stress being placed on it. This makes the mattress an excellent option for people suffering from back pain, and the firmness of the mattress will relieve pain. Despite having two layers of memory foam, the mattress doesn’t trap heat and cause its users to sweat, since there is a breathable lyocell cover to keep the mattress cool. You won’t be interrupted in your sleep either, since any movement is distributed evenly so you won’t feel anything, nor hear any mattress creaks or squeaks.

Novosbed can be delivered to you for free in Canada, and most states in the US. You are able to return the mattress within the period after your 60th night’s sleep, but before a full 120 nights of sleep have passed. This allows you to truly try out your new mattress to decide whether it is the most suitable one for you, and there is a 15-year warranty attached to the product. Yet, the memory foam in a Novosbed is renowned to be much more long-lasting than other similar mattresses on the market, and it is expected that the mattress will last you beyond the minimum of 7 years. 

Recommended for:

  • Back pain sufferers - layers of memory foam provide extra support and pressure relief
  • Hot sleepers will like the breathable cover
  • Different firmness levels will appeal to people of different weights
  • Back and side sleepers will find this mattress is very supportive

Not recommended for:

  • Front sleepers may find this foam mattress uncomfortable
  • 120 day trial is a long commitment for those hoping for a quick return if the mattress doesn’t suit.

The Bottom Line

This is a very comfortable foam mattress for most sleepers, so if you want a product that offers relief from back pain and a long warranty, look no further.

4. Best Mattress for Lightweight Canadian Sleepers – Juno Mattress

Main Highlights

  • 15-year warranty
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Medium to firm
  • Even support
  • Very affordable
Another Canadian made mattress is the Juno Mattress, which similarly comes with a 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty, so you know you are purchasing a product that comes with some sort of guarantee should something go wrong further on down the line. 

Unlike the other mattresses that have been previously mentioned, the Juno Mattress is a lot thinner and does make it much cheaper than other models on the market. However, it still has a thickness of 8 inches to ensure that those sleeping on the bed are able to feel that their back and front are well-supported - depending on whether they sleep on their back, stomach or side. This makes the Juno Mattress versatile and suitable for a range of different sleeping positions, which is excellent if the bed is shared as everyone has their personal sleeping preference. 

Despite the cheaper price point, the Juno Mattress has a gel-infused memory foam layer which cushions the spine by supporting the back, shoulders and hips. The memory foam also means that the mattress doesn’t make much noise. Its cheaper price doesn’t mean that the Juno Mattress compromises on comfort, but it is most suitable for lighter or average weight individuals, regardless of their sleeping preference. It might not support bigger body types, even though the mattress has a firmness rating of 6, due to it being thinner than other mattresses on the market.

Recommended for:

  • Lightweight to average weight sleepers
  • People who want a low bed, as the Juno isn’t too thick
  • Restless sleepers who change position a lot
  • Thrifty shoppers

Not recommended for:

  • Heavy people, as the thinner profile may not offer sufficient comfort levels
  • People who like a mattress that moulds to their shape

The Bottom Line

This is a great mattress for lightweight sleepers and those who want the freedom to sleep in any position. It’s also very affordable.

5. Best Canadian Mattress for Average Weight Sleepers – Recore Mattress

Main Highlights

  • Very responsive mattress
  • Cool sleep surface
  • Medium/firm
  • 15-year warranty
  • 120-night trial period

The sleepers in the average weight category are classed as those who are between 130 and 230 pounds. These types of sleepers need mattresses that are of a medium firmness, at a rating of 6/10, which will provide overall support with layers to cushion the body as it sleeps. It can be hard to get the right balance for average weight sleepers, with some mattresses being too soft and sinking, whilst others are too firm to support the pressure points sufficiently. It’s important for the spine to be well-supported when sleeping, especially if an individual is suffering from back pains or aches. 

The Recore Mattress is made up of graphite-infused synthetic latex, with comfortable layers of gel-infused memory foam which molds to the sleeper’s body. This means that the mattress responds to the sleeping positions of an individual to ensure that they can get a good sleep night after night. Foam is the base and the foundation of the mattress, which ensures that the bed is a flat, even surface, which also makes it suitable for heavier and average weights. 

The mattress makes no noise when sleepers are lying on the bed, and the mattress cover is made of a breathable material so that it isn’t too hot for those sleeping on the bed. Not only is it designed to keep cool, but the latex comfort layers make it an extremely responsive and bouncy bed. It comes with free shipping, a 120-night trial to allow you to return the mattress if you’re not satisfied, and boasts a 15-year warranty.

Recommended for:

  • Couples – the Recore mattress minimizes movement when two people share a bed
  • Heavier sleepers will find this mattress comfortable
  • Hot sleepers will be cooler, thanks to the gel and graphite comfort layers
  • All sleep positions are accommodated

Not recommended for:

  • Lightweight sleepers won’t like the medium/firm sleep surface
  • The long trial period means you are stuck with the mattress even when it doesn’t suit you

The Bottom Line

This mattress will suit most sleepers and it’s especially good for couples, thanks to the responsive sleep surface and reduced motion transfer.

6. Best Mattress for Heavyweight Canadian Sleepers – Logan & Cove Mattress

Main Highlights

  • 10-year warranty
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Different firmness options
  • Edge support
  • Body contouring

This mattress has a cover made from eucalyptus fibers, with a silk-blend pillow-top layer, gel memory foam and a polyfoam base with pocketed coils. For this reason, it’s known as a luxury hybrid mattress - yet its luxury doesn’t come attached with a high price tag, which is surprising given the high-quality it packs. The unique layers of this mattress mean that sleepers are kept cool as the coil layer means that air can flow through, whilst the silk-blend pillow-top means that the temperature of the bed is regulated. Like other gel memory foam and polyfoam mattresses, the sleeper’s back is well-supported and their spine is kept in an optimal position to relieve or prevent back pain. An added plus as a result of the gel memory foam is that the mattress makes no noise, and there is limited motion felt by sleepers. 

Although we’ve ranked it as the best Canadian mattress for heavyweight sleepers, the Logan & Cove mattress comes in two different firmness ratings. This means that the mattress can be suitable for either average sized or heavier individuals - with the 4.5 firmness rating being the preferential option for lighter sleepers, and the 6.5 firmness rating mattress being better for heavier sleepers. These firm mattresses help to support those with all kinds of sleeping position preferences, whether an individual is a back, stomach or side sleeper. The support that they feel with this mattress would not be felt in the same way if they slept on another, much softer, mattress than the firm and comfortable Logan & Cove Mattress. 

Despite the affordable price point, and the cheaper than average hybrid base, this mattress will last for a long time. The durability of the mattress and the security that it will remain supportive and firm for an extended period of time is reinforced by the 15-year guarantee that the mattress comes with. It also is available for a 120-night sleep trial, as well as free shipping for ‘99% of Canadians’.

Recommended for:

  • Couples – this mattress minimizes movement when one partner moves around a lot in bed
  • Heavier sleepers will find this mattress comfortable
  • Hot sleepers will be cooler, thanks to the coil support layer
  • All sleep positions are accommodated

Not recommended for:

  • Lightweight people who prefer sleeping on their stomach won’t like the medium/firm sleep surface
  • The mattress is taller than average, so if you have mobility issues, it might be too tall

The Bottom Line

This mattress will suit heavier sleepers, thanks to the dual firmness options and thicker construction. It’s high-quality materials ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for many years.

Choosing between many different mattresses is genuinely difficult. They’re each marketed as if they’re both the best and perfect for you or your family. But that’s not always the case

 It turns out that getting a great night’s sleep isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s a bit of an art and science to it. So, it’s best to learn about mattresses to be able to get what you want and need. 

Here are a few different aspects of mattress shopping that you should be aware of.

What Firmness Ratings Mean?

To better understand the firmness level of a mattress, a rating is used in Canada to assist mattress shoppers. 

The ILD rating – which denoted firmness – runs from extremely plush (soft) to extremely firm. So, a 12 ILD rating would suggest an extremely soft feel when lying on that mattress and you’ll sink quite deep into it too. Getting out of it in the morning will be less easy if you have mobility or back issues, for instance. However, a 50 ILD rating would suggest an extremely firm surface with not much give in it at all. For some people, it will feel like having slept on the hard floor all night. 

Why Does Firmness Matter So Much?

If you have a bad back, then you’ll want a medium ILD level to provide adequate support for your spine without the bed feeling so firm that it hurts. 

When you’re a stomach sleeper, then the firmness preferred is lower, else you wake up feeling like a squished marshmallow in the morning! For side sleepers, they need a reasonable level of firmness of ILD 25, and back sleepers benefit from a medium firmness level too. 

What Affects Firmness?

With a spring or hybrid mattress, it’s how the mattress is designed. 

For foam or latex mattresses, the firmness is built into the foam or latex structure. 

Also, there will be layers to most mattresses today including softer ones the closer to the top you reach. The thickness of the mattress, local humidity, and temperature levels, and overall design should all be factored in too.

Indentation Load Deflection

The indentation load deflection sounds all technical jargony, but what it essentially means is how much the mattress gets indented (or gives) when weight is added. So, when laying on it, how much do the springs or foam layer get pushed down to provide a more comfortable surface?

The firmness level and the amount the mattress softens when weight is applied is a key point relating to overall comfort. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Stomach Sleepers

While you could say that the stomach sleeper probably would prefer an ILD of 25 for medium firmness, some people can only sleep on a firm mattress regardless of their sleeping posture. So, that person will still expect a firm mattress and prefer that. 

Back Sleepers

A back sleeper usually will need a medium firmness 25 ILD rating or so, but some people require a plush mattress that they can sink into. Long-term, it probably won’t be great for their back unless their body weight is pretty light because the spine requires adequate support while sleeping for 7-8 hours a night. 

Side Sleepers

A side sleeper is the most flexible of all. They may require either a plush, medium, or firm mattress.

Do pay attention to your personal preferences and that of your partner if you’re not alone because it overrides brand choices due to how much firmness affects quality sleep.


Density refers to foam or latex mattresses, and not spring-based ones. 

What is important to appreciate about density is that low-quality foam or latex mattresses enjoy low-density levels. There are more air bubbles between the material internally and so it’s less densely filled with foam or latex materials as a result. 

Durability is the key factor with density issues. When the mattress is made from low-density latex or foam, it will not last the test of time. Instead, it will begin to fall apart and be affected by other issues within a handful of years due to being overly cheap.

Now, bear in mind that you don’t want filled foam or latex either because it needs to be breathable to avoid you overheating while sleeping or not adjusting well to your shape either. Typically, though, greater density is best. 

The amount of density that requires differs depending on the mattress material though:


A density of 1.8 lbs./ft³ is best for polyfoam. 

That’s increased to 2.0 lbs./ft³ for anyone who weighs more than 250-pounds.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has a quite different composition and requires at least 3.5 up to as much as 4 lbs./ft³.

However, like with polyfoam, it’s best to increase the density to 5 or greater lbs./ft³ for anyone who is either taller or obese and weighs more than 250-pounds.


Latex is a little different. It’s already got more durability due to its fundamental composition. 

What matters here is that the comfort layers of latex enjoy a greater density level when situated near the top of the mattress (it needs to support more weight and compression level). Similarly, lower density latex layers would normally be found lower down within the mattress design. Any mattress design that differs from this should raise an eyebrow and further questions. 

Mattress Composition 101

New mattress materials and designs have developed over the last few years. When looking for the best mattress to buy in Canada, it’s good to understand the parts of a modern mattress:

Spring and Coil Mattress

These tend on average to be firmer. 

The better-quality mattresses in this category have coils packed inside, and when made well, provides more value.

Top Comfort Layer

Foam or latex mattresses feature a comfort layer at the top. With a spring mattress, they may try to compete with this either by including a “pillow-top” upper layer or as a hybrid by using a different foam top layer. Both of these solutions would be much softer.

The upper layer of a foam or latex mattress is designed for comfort. It may include polyester, polyurethane foam, memory foam, and others. The density and thickness are the priority here with higher being optimal but more expensive. 

Layers in the Middle

A thick foam layer is usually included here to provide a sturdier bed and some general support to the layers both above and below. 

The Base

The base is there for support. Therefore, the density should be higher, and the ILD firmness rating highest of all. Sinking to the bottom of the bed is not ideal. Also, when there’s insufficient firmness at the base, then there’s little edge support when sitting on the side of the bed too. 

Also, when a mattress product has an infographic displaying and detailing the various layers to the mattress, study it. It should confirm the layers, density, and firmness at each level. Fundamentally, it’s where the rubber meets the road with mattress design. 

Other Tips to Follow

Here are some quick answers for other issues that crop up from mattress shoppers from time to time. 

Brand Popularity Isn’t Everything

Shocking, we know! 

There’s been a great deal of innovation in mattress design, material selection, and production in the last few years. Some of the largest mattress makers that only sold in mattress retail stores got left behind. As such, just because they have a better-known brand from being around for decades, it doesn’t mean they’re still the best out there. 

Smaller mattress manufacturers are also innovating faster and iterating through mattress designs based on rapid customer feedback to quickly refine their products. Old, stodgy brands aren’t necessarily as nimble. And it’s become increasingly obvious that they’re still playing catch-up.

Know Your Information About Layers and Density Levels

To avoid getting fobbed off by a mattress salesperson or even getting sucked in by flashy advertising promotional materials, dig deeper for layer types, thicknesses, firmness ratings, and density levels. 

When you cannot get straight answers on these, then you don’t know what you’re buying. Answers like, “Well… it’s the latest foam” just doesn’t cut it any longer.

Find out about foam types, density levels, the ILD firmness of each layer, breathability, and with latex, what types and blends have been used at each layer too. Nothing less will do.

Is There Anything to Worry About Mattress Shopping Online?

Traditionally, factory outlets and mattress superstores stocked various mattresses. However, these were the long-standing brands with heavy retail mark-ups. Also, invariably it’s last year’s stock they’re trying desperately to clear and that lacks the innovation needed in mattress design. 

The concept of a mattress-in-a-box idea is still fairly new. But it’s been perfect for new mattress companies that can ship out a rolled-up mattress that better matches what each customer requires. By skipping the retail side, these companies can cut the cost of mattresses for homeowners too.

Also, there are money-back guarantees from the majority of mattress manufacturers today, which removes the risk. Trying a new mattress for 50+ days is a no-brainer now. 

Stay Away from Big One-Day Promotions

The mighty one-day promotion is an old TV advertising technique to drum up sales or to clear out old stock before the new season. It mostly applies to big box stores and mattress specialist stores. 

Avoid the temptation because it’s far less likely that you’ll get the mattress that’s perfect for your body. It’s far likelier that you’ll compromise due to price and be sold one that’s not necessarily cheaper than online but certainly less suitable for you.

Quality vs Price

With mattresses, there’s almost always a trade-off to be had between the price vs the quality.

While it’s fair to say that online-only mattress brands are less expensive than retail sold one (all other things being equal), that doesn’t mean a bargain-basement price is worthwhile. 

There is simply no way to cut corners on price without compromising on the quality of the springs, the density of the foam, the breathability of the latex, or the comfort it will provide. Cutting corners on price leads to selecting a lesser quality mattress. And those mattresses sink, lack side support, and won’t typically last as many years. So, when figuring out the per year cost of ownership, they end up more expensive than buying a high-quality one at the start. 

How to Weight It All Up?

Durability is critical when purchasing any mattress. The best barometer to determine that isn’t brand, but density. The priority is a higher density on the uppermost layers with an allowance for less density below to a certain degree.

The firmness also matters enormously for general comfort, so use the IDL firmness scale from 10 to 50 as a guide here. Figure out what you require to match your personal preferences and typical sleeping posture (if you’re not sure what it is, ask your partner). Also, avoid confusing density with firmness because they’re two entirely unrelated things. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress

How Long Can You Keep A Mattress For?

You should keep your mattress until it no longer offers the same level of support that it once did, and when it starts to disrupt your sleeping pattern. On average, a mattress will last between 6-8 years, but some can last as little as 5 years or as long as 10 years. The length of time that your mattress will last will depend on how well it has been made, and what type of materials have been used.

A mattress will usually start to look and feel uncomfortable as a result of sagging, softening and when long-lasting impressions remain for extended periods of time - without ever returning to its original flat surface. These signs of a worn-out mattress mean that an individual’s back is no longer supported, which can interfere with the user the following day because they will wake up with a sore back, as well as having aches or pains when they move.

The signs of a deteriorating mattress as described above will usually occur as a result of low-quality innersprings, and these problems will also occur in mattresses that are made entirely of foam. Low-quality innersprings cause the mattress to sag as they get worn-out and no longer spring back into shape, whereas foam-based mattresses will retain the sleeper’s body impressions which can make it an uneven surface. Hybrid beds are combinations of these two different mattress support materials, which means that hybrid mattresses are just as likely to have these deterioration issues too. However, they are usually at a higher price point and thus made with higher quality materials than regular beds made from either foam or innersprings. This means that hybrid beds are longer-lasting and able to withstand much more than regular mattresses made with one type of material.

Another type of durable bed that can last a lot longer than innersprings and foam mattresses, is mattresses made from latex. They are prone to soften and develop body impressions like a foam mattress, but this happens over a much longer period of time. It doesn’t happen nearly as quick as it can happen in foam mattresses. You should opt for natural latex over synthetic latex, to ensure that you are purchasing a mattress that will stay with you for a long time. A durable mattress should also have low-gauge coils that are thicker than regular innersprings, and a high-density foam material. Look for mattresses that are made with memory foam at 5+ PCF, or polyfoam at 1.7+ PCF to ensure that you are purchasing a mattress which you won’t need to replace for years to come. 

Do I Go for a Mattress, Box Spring or Bed Frame Foundation?

None of these features will impact the feel and comfort of a mattress, and so it is down to personal preference as to whether you should choose a mattress, box spring or bed frame foundation. There are both advantages and disadvantages with each option, but none of them impact on how comfortable your mattress will feel to you. These options will change how your bedroom looks, can boost your storage capacities and adjust how high your bed sits, but make no difference to how comfortable your bed feels. Only a mattress will do this, which is why it is important to invest in a good one that suits your sleeping needs.

How Big Should My Mattress Be?

If you are single and your bed will only be sleeping one person, a twin and twin XL size mattress will be suitable for only you. You should opt for the twin XL if you are on the taller side, since it offers extra leg room.

If you have a partner or someone who sleeps with you on a regular basis, including your pet, full mattresses can be an option - but only if you are both small in size. It won’t be very comfortable if you are both on the larger side, as there won’t be enough room for you both to sleep soundly. The most popular and common size is Queen mattresses which are ideal for sleeping two people. If you’re looking for something roomier, or a mattress that will be able to fit extra guests like children and pets too, opt for a King or California King mattress which is big enough for 2+!

How should I prioritize my search for a mattress?

Focus on what’s most important to you. Select a firmness level that matches your sleeping style and preferences. Use your current old mattress as a guide. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper will influence that decision too. Also, if you’re overweight, then factor that in. 

If breathability is needed to keep cooler, then look for hypoallergenic materials that are more breathable. If they use organic materials or have cooling layers, that will help avoid body heat becoming trapped inside the mattress. Also, if you suffer from allergies, consider whether you’re possibly allergic to latex?

With spring coil or hybrid designs, decide between more expensive micro-coils that are separately wrapped to be independently responsive vs. a coil spring design with more movement when shifting position. And for smaller budgets, make a list of your highest priorities down to the lowest priorities, and focus on the least expensive mattresses that still deliver what you require. 

Is it necessary to test a mattress in the store before buying?

While testing a mattress in a store seems like a good idea, the real test is sleeping on it for a night and seeing how you feel afterward. And a store cannot provide that experience for you. 

A mattress-in-a-box, on the other hand, usually provides a 100-night sleep-at-home test, which is far better to know if it’s right for you. So, don’t get hung up on testing a mattress in person as it does not demonstrate what you think it does.

Are there any benefits to buying a mattress online?

Rather than being restricted to only what’s in the store to test out, you get the full range of mattresses when buying online. Each of these can be shipped to your door. Being able to select exactly the mattress to provide the best night’s sleep is possible when buying a mattress online. It avoids a salesperson on commission selling you the mattress that they have, not the one that would be better for you. When side-stepping the retail environment, it’s possible to save money too. Also, online mattresses have a sleep trial over 100+ days with no quibble return policies, so there’s far less risk of disappointment too. 

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