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BeenVerified Review | Legit or SCAM!

By Colette Murphy

August 13, 2020

Over the past few years, background checks have become important tools in looking up different types of information. They have also transformed from casual tools that people used to satisfy their curiosity to effective tools used by people and companies alike to find information. BeenVerified leads the list of the best online information portals. BeenVerified allows people to look up other people, cars, public records as well as information like email and physical addresses.

Is BeenVerified Legit?

BeenVerified has some serious question marks over its legitimacy. I tried out the service and found it slow, gimmicky and no relevant results, I did some additional research online and found some bad reviews. They could be legit but its hard to tell which does not give me the greatest confidence in them. I have tried a lot of different services and the best background check service in my view is TruthFinder, they were able to find me rapidly and unveil stuff that even I had forgotten about such as a parking fine ect.

I recommend Truthfinder instead

Having tested the service and performed a deep dive on the company, I can tell you TruthFinder is a legit company providing the service they promise.

It's that simple

BeenVerified Features

BeenVerified offers its users seven services. We will look at each of these services in depth below.

1. BeenVerifiried People Search

The BeenVerified people search is its main service. It has repeatedly been hailed as the best service of its kind. Its main advantage is that it returns a mountain of data on the people looked up on the platform.

To start a search, all you need to do is enter the first and last names of the people whose information you would like to get. For better results, you could always add additional information to help narrow down the search. The additional information could be their date of birth or their last known location.

The BeenVerified people search can be used to connect with long lost friends and family, to look up a buyer or seller to avoid an online scam, look up information of someone you met online or even to review a property owner’s reputation if you need a short-term rental while on vacation.

Their people search is usually broken down into:

  • An overview that gives you as much information about the person as possible
  • Possible family members or associates
  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Education, business, and employment associates
  • Social media profiles and website data

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

Scam, spam, and prank calls are all annoyances that a lot of people would rather not deal with. BeenVerified gives you the tools to know who is calling so that you can avoid or block these nuisances.

To get started, all you need is the offending number. BeenVerified then goes through billions of data points to find the number’s owner.

The reason why this is the best reverse phone lookup service in the world is because of the amount of data it returns. This data includes:

  • A personal or business name
  • The current address of the caller and their address history
  • Other phones numbers associated with the caller
  • Social media profiles
  • Email addresses
  • Possible relatives

The reverse phone lookup can be used to look up someone you are meeting for the first time, protect yourself from fraudulent sellers and buyers, to find out everything there is to know about a business, or to find out who calls your partner so frequently.

3. Reverse Address Lookup

BeenVerified’s reverse address lookup can be used to find out detailed information about a physical address in the United States.

The reverse address lookup is an invaluable tool for investors who would like to learn more about a property. It can also be used to learn about the property’s neighbors or to get a general idea about the property’s neighborhood.

BeenVerified’s reverse address lookup can be used to inform your decisions when purchasing property or houses. Here, it can reveal information like mortgages, foreclosures, sale history, census data and so much more.  It can also be used to find out more about new neighbors, reconnect with neighbors from your old neighborhood, as well as help you confirm addresses before you send out any invitations, cards or parcels.

The information you can find includes:

  • Current property owner
  • Information about current residents
  • The property’s value and reports such as property tax and mortgage records
  • Detailed information about the neighborhood

4. Reverse Email Lookup

With the number of emails we receive every day, it is not always possible to know if the sender is legitimate or not. In many cases, we expect our spam filters to filter out spam emails, but that does not always happen. BeenVerified’s reverse email lookup helps you find out information about an email’s sender.

The search starts with an email address. After entering the email address, BeenVerified will look through search engines and public records to see who owns that email address.

Once the search is complete, you will receive information such as:

  • The sender’s name, approximate age, and aliases they use
  • Previous and current address and property information
  • Social media profiles, names of possible associates and relatives
  • Job, education, and employer information
  • Criminal records
  • Additional contact information

5. Username Search

We all use usernames on at least one social media platform. BeenVerified can help you look up a username and give you additional information about the username or the organization that owns the username. BeenVerified’s username search is based on the fact that a majority of people use the same username on multiple social media accounts or a variation of their main username on different websites. This means if you find one username and its associated email address, you can find the owner on any other platforms they use.

BeenVerified helps you avoid catfishing and other scams, avoid online fraud, and find more information on your online date. BeenVerified will give you the following information about a username:

  • Owner’s age
  • Past and current addresses
  • Profile picture
  • Additional contact information such as their email address and phone number
  • Criminal records
  • Related social media accounts
  • Possible relatives

5. VIN Number Search

Vehicle manufacturers assign a VIN number to every car that leaves their production line. A vehicle’s VIN number can tell you where the vehicle was made, its year of manufacture, as well as its engine size, color, and trim. With a VIN number, you can use BeenVerified to find out everything you would like to know about a vehicle.

BeenVerified will check their car database to give you any information they find about the vehicle.

BeenVerified’s VIN number search tells you:

  • What standard equipment comes with the car
  • If the vehicle has ever been involved in an accident
  • If the car has even been reported as stolen or sold at an auction
  • The current value of the car

Estimated costs associated with owning the car for the next five years. BeenVerified bases this cost on maintenance, expected depreciation, repair costs, fuel, and insurance

All this information is crucial when you need to purchase a car. This way, you do not have to rely on the seller and can verify everything you need to know about the car. This will help protect you from scams and from buying stolen or old cars that might not be worth it.

6. Unclaimed Money Search

Unclaimed money might sound like a scam, but it is not. Unclaimed money is money that belongs to people who do not know this money exists. If there is unclaimed money in your name somewhere, you are legally entitled to that money.

BeenVerified searches different types of data sources to find out if there is money with your name on it that you may not know about. BeenVerified also goes through asset databases to find out if there are any assets in your name. They then show you how to get in touch with the right people and agencies to claim your money or assets.

BeenVerified will not charge you extra to find unclaimed money but do note that some agencies, banks, and other institutions might charge you to claim the money. Also, it might take at least two weeks to claim small amounts and up to a few years to claim substantial amounts or assets.


BeenVerified has a very simple pricing model which has only two options:

3 Months - $14.86 per month

1 Month - $22.86

BeenVerified Pros & Cons


  • Their people search returns very detailed reports
  • Their pricing model is straightforward and the prices are affordable too
  • Their customer support is attentive and available in a variety of ways including phone and email
  • BeenVerified has free Android and iOS apps
  • Intuitive, easy to use search functionality
  • Users can perform accurate, unlimited searches


  • Sometimes the reports are incomplete
  • Sometimes the results take a bit long
  • There is no free trial

BeenVerified's Online Reputation

BeenVerified has an overwhelmingly negative online reputation with people particularly disapointed by the detail in their reports. The have been used extensively for online dating safety. But overall it came third in our best background checks guide.

I recommend Truthfinder instead.

Having tested the service and performed a deep dive on the company, I can tell you TruthFinder is a legit company providing the service they promise.

It's that simple

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