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eHarmony Vs Match: [WARNING] Which One is Right for You?

By Colette Murphy

June 10, 2020

The two top online dating sites are eHarmony and Match. They’ve both been around many years and have developed into leaders in their niche. However, they’re also different in some ways, both to each other and other dating sites too.

Match has more dating profiles, but eHarmony is known as the site that’s seen more long-term relationships originate from their service. Indeed, many singletons who are keen on finding “the one” make a beeline for eHarmony due to this well-earned reputation.

In this article, we look at a few different aspects of each service to see how they compare.

1. The Costs - eHarmony vs Match.com

Match and eHarmony both offer free access that includes limited access to dating profiles and communication, but it’s necessary to sign up for a paid account to benefit the most from either website.

Both sites offer a standard plan and an upgraded premium version with more features.

The Standard plan with Match is $18.99/month for six months whereas eHarmony is $32.95/month for six months. The latter becomes more affordable for people committed to finding “the one” with the Standard plan dropping to only $17.99/month when signing up for a year. Most people realize that finding the right person takes a long time and shouldn’t have any objections to taking the one-year plan.

Premium plans quickly become more expensive. Match is less expensive, but eHarmony offers anonymous viewing of profiles (so the profile owner doesn’t know), which adds privacy. This is important to many customers who don’t wish to be inundated with unwanted messages.

Verdict: It's a tie!

A La Carte Features

Each service offers a different collection of A La Carte features.

Whilst Match seems to have eHarmony beat with a longer list, you do get the sense of racking up many extra costs here. This quickly makes Match pricier if you add message receipts, private viewing, and other add-ons.

The eHarmony offer is more clean-cut and clearer for customers without any confusion.

Verdict: eHarmony wins here.

The Functionality - Match.com vs eHarmony  

When it comes to functionality, each site differs markedly from the other.

The Match site focuses on the idea of greater choice and social events. Some of these are expensive and it seems tailored to the well-heeled.

The eHarmony site acts as a guide based on selected preferences instead of opening the world of millions of dating profiles to you. This avoids feeling lost in a sea of potentially bad choices.

Verdict: eHarmony wins here.

Demographical Mix - eHarmony.com vs Match

The Match userbase is heavily skewed on the older end of the dating spectrum.

Only a quarter of customers are under 30, about a quarter are over 50, and the rest fall between these two age ranges.

With eHarmony, the average age is closer to 30 years old. The average age has been trending down, not up recently.

For people interested in international dating, Match covers at least 25 countries, but eHarmony is far more global with 150 or more countries represented.

Verdict: eHarmony wins again.

Got a Guarantee? - eHarmony vs Match.com

A guarantee if you’re unhappy or not getting good results is a tough one.

Match doesn’t offer a guarantee. It did but now it has been removed.

eHarmony, on the other hand, provides three months of additional membership for free if you’re unhappy with the results after the first three months as a paid member. And who can argue with that?

Verdict: eHarmony wins this section hands down.

Which is Best? - eHarmony vs Match.com

While Match does have a large collection of members, it’s not all about numbers. You’re trying to find the one, not the fifty!

For someone keen to find a long-lasting or life partner, eHarmony is set up to facilitate that. Even the guarantee speaks to that intention. There’s also a lower age range where you’re more likely to find people who aren’t already looking for their third marriage.

Verdict: Overall, when looking long-term and not expressly for casual dating with no strings attached, then eHarmony is the right dating site. The casual or older dater might look more at Match instead.

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